Zanera Systems

List of new systems available on our server.

Premium points for level

For reaching level 60 you get your first premium points. Then, every 10 levels you reach, you get 100 premium points.

60 level = +100 premium points
70 level = +100 premium points
80 level = +100 premium points
90 level = +100 premium points
100 level = +100 premium points
110 level = +100 premium points
120 level = +100 premium points

and so on. every 10 levels are +100 points for you.

Bless Statue

The temple with the statue is located south of Thais in the place marked on the map. By clicking on the monument you buy all the blessings for 60K. If you have all the blessings, you lose less experience upon death and do not lose your backpack.

Team Battle

Every day at 20:00 and 20:40.
The Event Team Battle is a grand clash between two teams, red and blue. When you get killed during the event, you don't lose experience, blessings, or anything else.

Battle Royale Event

Starts on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21:15.
The Event Battle Royale is a fun activity like in a classic battle royale. You can enter through the gate in the Thais temple. You don't lose experience, items, or blessings upon death. The winner is the last one remaining on the map. The event lasts for 15 minutes. You'll appear on the map without items; they'll be transferred to the Thais depot. You can exit using the command !exit.