Accounts and Characters

Creating characters with nicknames:

  • insulting or impersonating someone from the support team (e.g., Got Krypton, Gumlok, etc.)
  • being a nonsensical combination of letters (e.g., jwuebewnnene)
  • being the same as a monster name (e.g., Orshabaal, Hunter)
  • being long, difficult to type, aiming to hinder targeting or searching for a specific player

Note: Nicknames with these variations are illegal and will be changed.

Each player is responsible for their account number and password. ZaneraOT administration is not responsible for any consequences of their loss.


Channels should be used according to their purpose, namely:

  • Help Channel - asking questions about quests, events, systems, etc.
  • Game-Chat - general conversations
  • Trade - buying, selling, exchanging, recruiting, and searching for guilds, finding teams for quests

Insulting GODs, CMs, and GMs will result in an account ban. Insulting support members on the help channel or rule violation will result in an account ban.

Disrupting order, littering depo/temple, or excessive spamming in public places such as depo will result in a warning followed by a ban.

Using public channels contrary to their purpose will result in a warning; ignoring warnings will result in a ban.

Using the help channel contrary to its purpose will result in a mute on that channel.

Exploiting and hiding server/game errors for personal gain will result in a ban or account deletion (depending on the severity of the error).

Any activity detrimental to the server not covered in this regulation will be punished depending on the damage caused (causing crashes, advertising other servers, etc.).

All items, accounts, and characters are the property of the server.

Preventing other players from accessing any location on the map will result in a kick to the temple or a character ban - excluding wars.

Any abuse of MC (using 2 or more characters with the same IP to clear an exp spot, inflate RS, kill a specific player) will be punished with character bans.

Furthermore, attempts to bypass this (e.g., using VPNs) will result in bans. The system detects violations of this point and automatically bans (24h) characters except one random one.

Public dissemination of other players' IP addresses will result in bans.

Inactive players' houses are automatically cleared if the player has not logged in for at least 10 days.

Support reserves the right to release the houses of players who only log in to hold onto their house on their character.


  • Any actions aimed at harming participants of events or disrupting order, such as deliberate interference with gameplay, griefing, or intentional obstruction of event objectives, will result in immediate removal from the event and, in severe cases, may lead to a ban.
  • Server Support

    Matters related to server administration should be reported on the help channel..

    Administration does not deal with teleporting, quest assistance, or item creation.

    Providing false evidence that may contribute to any penalty for another player will result in character deletion.

    Players have the right to appeal administration decisions on the forum, provided they support them with evidence. Otherwise, explanations will be ignored.

    Item Shop

    Server administration is not responsible for incorrectly entered content in sent SMS messages.

    Server administration is not responsible for items that did not reach the player.

    Items not collected for more than 2 months from the date of order will be forfeited.

    Server administration reserves the right to change the parameters of items in the Item Shop.

    By creating an account, you agree to receive commercial information electronically from the server (e.g., server start notification with a bonus code).

    Hacks and Crashes

    The administration is not responsible for items lost due to the loss of account data.

    Administration does not assist in recovering accounts.

    Server administration is not responsible for items lost due to server crashes.


    Trading characters is ALLOWED when:

    • The character is sold for items on Zanera.
    • The character is exchanged for another character on Zanera.
    • The character is listed in the auction system on the website.

    Trading characters is PROHIBITED when:

    • The character is sold for real money or other payment methods available on the website - namely: SMS to other servers, transfers, top-ups, tibia coins.
    • The character is exchanged for characters or items on other servers.

    Trading items in the game for real money and other payment methods available on the website is completely prohibited - namely: SMS to other servers, transfers, tibia coins, top-ups. However, exchanging items for items or characters on other servers, etc., is allowed.

    Characters that have not logged into the game for over a month may be auctioned in the character listing system.

    Support does not engage in or take responsibility for any transactions made by players.

    The owner of the store is Jakub Falgowski Mierzwin 8H 88-190 tax identification number 5562800903